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About the role

Who We Are:

Here at Odeko, we believe that humans achieve more when they control their own destiny. That’s why we’re creating best-in-class solutions that empower small businesses to realize their big dreams -- starting with our mobile ordering app and supply chain management service. With Odeko, coffee shops and cafés can increase their revenue, lower their expenses, and reduce their environmental footprint effortlessly.

We’re a passionate team of dreamers and builders, determined to liberate small businesses from the not-so-fun aspects of the job so that they can focus on what’s fun and important.

The Data Science Team

Our Data Science Team is dedicated to aggressively applying the scientific method to high velocity technical innovation across the entire spectrum of the company, from business and markets, to predictive systems and hardware for clients and customers. This is not a place to throw spaghetti at walls and "see what sticks", but a place where a deep understanding of statistics, probability, and experiment design allow us to identify, develop, and deploy research and technology at break-neck speeds. We are experts in understanding failure and spend every minute of every day cultivating deeper and stronger abilities to bring ourselves to the edge of it just before catastrophe strikes. Of course we do miss - and so will you, but together we will learn from each crash and use it to push the limits even further.

If you are willing to admit daily that you have more to learn, we are looking for you. If you are dedicated to jumping just as fast to pick up the dirty work as you are the beautiful work, we are looking for you. If you are willing to become dedicated to the scientific process, and not the project, we are looking for you. Join us.

What you’ll do:

  • Build, optimize and scale new technologies and services developed within the the Data Science ecosystem
  • Transition new technologies and services from research into the production environment using proper methods and procedures
  • Help build and connect back-end and front-end processes/software to new and existing technologies and services
  • Serve as a technical resource and engineering mentor for other developers
  • Our Engineering tech stack comprises Ruby/Rails, Haskell/Servant, Vue.js (Typescript/JavaScript), iOS (Swift), Android (Kotlin), ReactNative (Typescript) on top of Kubernetes, Docker and AWS. We employ modern DevOps and SRE practices such as CI/CD, rolling deployments, observability, and error budgets.

Our Data Science tech stack includes but is not limited to: R, R shiny, Python, AWS, SQL, and multitudes of various data resources (APIs, Scrapers, etc)


  • You have experience building and supporting mission-critical production applications. The number of years is less important than the fact that you’ve lived the full product lifecycle multiple times, from idea to maturity, and have learned what works and what doesn't.
  • You have experience in full-stack development, ideally on top of Ruby on Rails, but we’re flexible.
  • You understand the value of well-designed, well-documented, discoverable APIs and you are willing to build, maintain, and evolve them.
  • You’re a committed team player and love to collaborate on solutions with others, both inside and outside of Data Science
  • You take an analytical but pragmatic approach to problem solving.
  • You’re excited to architect systems for improving scalability and maintainability across our codebase.
  • You have a track record of delivering high-quality software on time.
  • You are curious and interested. If you don’t know something, you find the answer.

Why you’ll love working at Odeko:

The Data Science team has 2 major focus areas; knocking out high quality innovation, and making sure the team members that do that are given every possible resource to grow and enjoy their time at Odeko! How is that for math, 50% of our focus is on YOU! We don’t care if you want to learn how to build cutting edge A.I. or just learn how to weave reed baskets, the entire team is there to support you and help lift you as high as we can.

We are open to remote candidates, but only within the United States and Belfast, NI.

Odeko is committed to building an inclusive, diverse team. We offer competitive benefits and the opportunity to truly grow. If this sounds good to you, we’d love to hear from you!

No third-parties please.

Why you should join Odeko

Odeko is building a suite of tools that give small food service businesses the ability to operate at the scale of a global franchise without losing their soul.

Team Size:220
Location:New York
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James Burkhardt
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Tim Griffin