Onebrief makes military headquarters run seamlessly

Senior Software Engineer, Platform (Back-end)

Austin (Remote) / Remote
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Grant Demaree
Grant Demaree

About the role

Onebrief makes military planning seamless and represents a shift in paradigm for future military decisions. It is an all-in-one tool that supports both the creative and process-oriented aspects of military planning. In Onebrief, planners use maps, boards, diagrams, timelines, spreadsheets, slide decks and text documents to create their plans—all while sharing a common database. Everything stays in sync, in real time. Our approach has been refined and validated through hundreds of user experiments.

We’re post-revenue (approaching $2M in ARR). We are backed by Y Combinator (S21) and top-tier VCs, including Caffeinated Capital (Affirm, Docker, Notion, and more). Our elite team combines the best of tech and military talent, including education and experience at Google, Adobe, Delta Force, TOPGUN, and more.

Given our current traction we can barely keep up with demand. This is an opportunity for you to join us with all the perks of a founding employee.

What you will achieve

As a platform engineer, you'll work in all areas of our backend and infrastructure. You'll be responsible for implementing or refining our APIs, realtime collaboration system, data federation, integrations, geospatial features, and to ensure that Onebrief can be easily deployed and maintained in some of the most secure networks in the world (incl. SIPRNet and JWICS). This is a hands-on role, but you'll also play a leading role in continuously evolving our platform's architecture.

You’ll report directly to Rafa, our CTO and co-founder.

Core Technologies: Typescript, Node.js, Express, Postgres, Redis, Kubernetes

About You

The ideal candidate has worked on B2B/SaaS projects where seamless realtime collaboration was critical. We are especially interested in cloud-agnostic or on-prem solutions where security was a critical concern.


  • You are a trained and experienced (5+ years) back-end engineer, who's worked extensively with Node.js and relational databases

  • You have a comprehensive understanding of the current state of web infrastructure and best practices (incl. IaC, GitOps, CI/CD pipelines, Docker, Kubernetes)

  • You operate with a security and reliability-first mindset

  • You have the skills to create simple solutions for complex problems quickly; often benefiting from tried-and-true techniques

  • You put user value before tech

  • You learn quickly, work iteratively and naturally seek collaboration

  • You communicate clearly and succinctly

  • You are a U.S. citizen

  • Finally, you are a manager of one—capable of setting your own direction, building something from scratch, and seeing it through

About Us

Our team shares a passion, seek excellence, and play to win, with the seriousness and camaraderie of an olympic team. We are in this together, not just because Onebrief will one day be 10x the size of Palantir. We are here to build the future of military decisions, so that the coming decades don’t repeat the previous ones.

Here’s what our team members value most about working here:

  • Founders' transparency

  • Product and vision

  • Leadership's ability to learn and adapt

  • Challenges and learning opportunities

  • Ownership and autonomy

  • No non-sense policies and processes

  • Remote-first, as opposed to remote-friendly

What's in it for you

  • $170k - $200k salary/year

  • Equity

  • Remote work, flex time, and unlimited PTO

  • Health, dental, vision, and life insurance

  • 401k

  • Parental leave

Why you should join Onebrief

Onebrief makes military planning fast and collaborative. This type of planning is characterized by creative problem solving and high-stakes decision making, but currently it's unacceptably slow. Among U.S., NATO and allied countries, there are thousands of units where Onebrief is sorely needed now. As one of our customers said, “if we had Onebrief in 2001, Afghanistan would be in different shape today.” In 5 years, it will be unthinkable to present military options to the President in anything but Onebrief.

We are on track to be one of the first defense companies built in the model of modern SaaS startups to deliver a consumer grade user experience with real impact.

We are post-revenue and backed by a mix of Silicon Valley venture capital and former military officers. We’re also an AFWERX (US Air Force) SBIR awardee.

We are based in Austin/TX but operate as an all-remote company.

Team Size:11
Location:Austin, TX
Grant Demaree
Grant Demaree
Rafa Pereira
Rafa Pereira