World's first neobank for Indian Expats

Backend Engineer

India / Remote
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Any (new grads ok)
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Prateek Swain
Prateek Swain

About the role

About Us

Swadesh is building the first neobank for Non Resident Indians (NRIs) across the world. We’re replacing the broken infrastructure and banking experience for the largest expat population in the world to enable greater capital flow back to India.

Who We Are 👋

We're passionate about India, long technology, and strongly believe in building better financial systems for the world. We understand the pain, the sleepless nights, and the sheer luck that it takes to build better lives for our families abroad. We want Indians, both at home and abroad, to generate more wealth.

Our team has a diverse range of experiences ranging from leading fintech startups, behemoth technology companies, marquee investment firms, and even the Government of India :)

What You’ll Do

  • Responsible for setting the product direction, being part of all major architecture decisions, and building the backend infrastructure, internal ledger etc.
  • Iterating directly with founders to scope product and features to build the best solution.
  • Setting up and maintaining engineering processes as the company scales.
  • Hiring, cultivating, and mentoring new engineers (and other team members) as they join the team.

Minimum Qualifications

  • 2-3 years of experience as an individual contributor with a modern programming language like Java, Python, TypeScript, Go, etc.
  • 2-3 years of experience as an individual contributor with modern front-end frameworks like React, Angular, Elm, Vue, etc.
  • Have a strong demonstrated ability to ship high-quality products, both at work and outside of work. We love engineers that build side-projects or contribute to open-source repos

Nice to Haves

  • Previous founding or startup experience
  • Experience working at a fintech company or on a financial product related team.

Why you should join Swadesh

Swadesh is building the world's first neobank for the largest immigrant population - Indian expats. We're the first India investment for a set of marquee VC firms in the US, because they see how exciting this problem is!

Every year, 30M Indian origin members send back $80B+ home to India (highest received by any country / year); and yet, today, they still have to go to an embassy to get their documents attested, picked up by courier, and shipped to across the world before being able to access their finances.

Add the struggle and stress new immigrants face when they just move abroad - from establishing credit to opening a bank account - you have a wide set of deeply frustrating but exciting problems to solve!

And we're here to build a product specifically tailored to Indian expats. We're building the services we wished existed when we emigrated. If you've faced similar problems and wondered who's solving them - we're here, and we're looking for you.

Team Size:6
Location:New York
Prateek Swain
Prateek Swain