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Staff Engineer, Accounts

SF, NYC, Seattle, Remote / Remote
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6+ years
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About the role

The Accounts team is building products and APIs to help businesses gain valuable insights and build deeper relationships with their customers. A strong foundation of interoperable APIs is critical to Stripe’s long-term success. It’s important that we get the APIs that businesses use to model their customers right: that we understand how businesses think about their relationships and that we ensure that integrating against our APIs is nothing short of an amazing experience. We are applying Stripe’s developer-centric approach to building the flexible, programmable representation of humans and businesses that map across Stripe’s existing products. The team owns a mix of platform, infrastructure, and product problems. We are looking for leaders with a strong background or interest in working across many domains to build products, APIs, and systems that live in our users’ critical path. You’re comfortable in dealing with a lot of moving pieces, you have exquisite attention to detail, and you’re comfortable learning new technologies and systems.

We are looking for technical leaders who are excited to work across these domains, driving the technical vision for how Stripe will both build these foundations and build on top of them to deliver higher-level products for our users.

You will:

  • Ensure our infrastructure is safely extensible, scalable, reliable and meets SLAs for both external and internal users
  • Design, build, and maintain APIs that users can rely on for decades
  • Debug production issues across services and multiple levels of the stack
  • Work with engineers across the company to ship interoperable products on strong foundations
  • Improve engineering standards, tooling, and processes
  • Build a new API for our users, or iterate on existing APIs
  • Launch a new market or payment method
  • Work with our Analytics and Fraud teams to reduce chargebacks and declines
  • Build new tools for our business teams
  • Build new systems to securely store sensitive data

We’re looking for someone who has:

  • Previously been in a technical leadership or staff/principal engineer role driving technical work for a large group of engineers
  • Skills in gathering and effectively synthesizing user feedback and experience with user facing products and APIs
  • Technically led projects which have involved multiple engineering teams
  • Enjoyed thinking rigorously about API design and diving deep into the details
  • Thought about systems and services and written high quality code. Languages can be learned: we care much more about your general engineering skill than knowledge of a particular language or framework
  • Held themselves and others to a high bar when working with production systems
  • Held themselves and others to a high bar for quality when shipping products
  • Taken pride in working on projects to successful completion involving a wide variety of technologies and systems
  • Thrived in a collaborative environment involving different stakeholders and subject matter experts
  • Enjoyed working with a diverse group of people with different expertise (for example, ¼ of Stripes work in a country that’s different from the one they grew up in). Almost every role at Stripe collaborates with some engineers, from Sales and Support in sharing feedback from our customers; to Legal and - Accounting in supporting our systems for tracking money movement and reporting around the world

It’s not expected that any single candidate would have expertise across all of these areas. For instance, we have wonderful team members who are really focused on their customers’ needs and building amazing user experiences, but didn’t work on APIs before joining Stripe.

Why you should join Stripe

Stripe builds financial tools and economic infrastructure for the internet. We’re helping small startups and the world’s biggest companies build products, create business models, and scale their efforts globally. And we’d like your help.

Our customers are the most ambitious organizations in the world. Previously, they had to create an ad hoc, informally specified, bug-ridden version of financial rails before they could do business online. We are doing the difficult-but-necessary work of building a global payments and treasury network—so entrepreneurs and enterprises can concentrate on creating value, not moving money.

We operate at significant scale, but we’re still tiny relative to the opportunity. We have a staggering amount of work ahead. That means you have an unprecedented opportunity to put the global economy within everyone’s reach while doing the most important work of your career.

Team Size:2600
Location:San Francisco
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