Payments infrastructure for the internet.

Backend API Engineer, Account Abstractions and APIs

SF, NYC, Chicago, Seattle, Toronto, Remote / Remote
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3+ years
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About the role

Stripe’s mission is to increase the GDP of the internet. We’re building towards a future where everyone has equal access to the global economy.

We help our customers — from independent creatives and Day 1 startups to storied brands and multinational corporations — start, operate, and scale an online business from anywhere in the world. To succeed in that mission, our execution must match our ambition.

The Accounts Abstractions and APIs team owns the foundational models and data primitives representing real-world organizations and business models. We’re looking for thoughtful, creative, and rigorous engineers to join a growing, high-impact team.

This is an exciting opportunity to shape the future of reliable, massively scalable APIs at the heart of Stripe’s platform.

We hope you’ll join us.

You will:

  • Scope, design, and implement high-performance APIs and services
  • Hide complexity from our users behind simple yet powerful abstractions
  • Collaborate with engineers and product managers to deliver robust and comprehensive interfaces to core account and financial primitives
  • Influence the technical direction of Stripe’s next generation platform of distributed services
  • Develop and execute against both short- and long-term roadmaps
  • Make thoughtful trade-offs that consider business priorities, user needs, and a sustainable technical foundation

You may be a fit for this role if you:

  • Put users first in everything you build
  • Orient towards impact — on your own team, throughout Stripe, and across the world
  • Hold yourself and others to a high bar when working with production systems
  • Communicate openly — ask questions, assume good intentions, and default to transparency
  • Proactively seek feedback from users, teammates, and subject matter experts
  • Thrive in a collaborative and high-performance environment with rigor and empathy in equal measure
  • Love helping those around you grow and learn — and love working with those who do the same
  • Think creatively about the big things and stretch to understand the nuance of the small ones
  • Take pride in owning projects to successful completion involving a wide variety of technologies and systems
  • Build holistically; from specs and documentation to implementation, testing, deployment, and measuring impact
  • Balance speed, complexity, and scope in service of user needs

Why you should join Stripe

Stripe builds financial tools and economic infrastructure for the internet. We’re helping small startups and the world’s biggest companies build products, create business models, and scale their efforts globally. And we’d like your help.

Our customers are the most ambitious organizations in the world. Previously, they had to create an ad hoc, informally specified, bug-ridden version of financial rails before they could do business online. We are doing the difficult-but-necessary work of building a global payments and treasury network—so entrepreneurs and enterprises can concentrate on creating value, not moving money.

We operate at significant scale, but we’re still tiny relative to the opportunity. We have a staggering amount of work ahead. That means you have an unprecedented opportunity to put the global economy within everyone’s reach while doing the most important work of your career.

Team Size:2600
Location:San Francisco
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