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Fullstack Engineer

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Sriharsha Karamchati
Sriharsha Karamchati

About the role

Job profile: Full stack integrations engineer (web3)

Help get to a billion web3 users faster.

Questbook is building the on-chain incubator for builders who’re building the infrastructure for Web3. Questbook is a product, a community, a company by builders for builders.

We are working towards solving the following problems.


Short term: Grants orchestration tool

There are 100s of protocols & DAOs that are running their grant programs using a variety of disparate tools including Notion, Airtable, Google forms, Excel etc.

The lack of a streamlined process makes it hard for the grant managers to effectively run the program - causing delays, missing updates, and builder drop offs.

We’ve built a tool called the Onchain Grants orchestration tools that these grant managers use.

This is a state-of-the-art completely decentralized tool - all the data is stored on-chain and the frontend is served via decentralized storage networks. We don’t run our own database or servers - making the product completely decentralized, open-sourced, and composable.

Our partners include all of the top 25 protocols and dapps.

Mid term : Discovery & Credentialing

As of today, it is hard or impossible to identify the credentials of the user or builder based on on-chain information.

A critical piece in the web3 future of work is credentials. What has the users contributed to across GitHub, DAOs, Snapshot, grants & bounties completed etc. All of this information if available to grant managers will streamline the process of selection even faster. Not only that, a credentialing system is a huge requirement across the ecosystem. A lot of projects outside Questbook will also benefit from such an infrastructure.

If credentials are available, it will be possible for better discovery of grants. For example, grant managers can give preference to users who have contributed to a certain protocol. If the information is available, UI can be designed to connect the right builders to the right opportunities.

This is a major engineering and product design problem. It’s a critical yet unsolved problem.

Long term : Onchain incubator & Community

All these builders who are building and are awardees of grants are likely very very high-quality builders. We will be building a community of these high-quality builders. When smart people jam together, magic happens.

These builders will be able to help each other in the community - in such a way that there is a financial incentive to do so too.

Questbook will further help members of this community by building public goods that will be useful for multiple people in the community. Questbook will also provide access to follow-on capital via venture funding to the projects coming out of this community.

The entire community’s incentives will be supercharged via a token.

About the role

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You will :

  • Be owning & building integrations to onboard protocols and DAOs
    • Spec-ing out technical requirements
    • Front end development - React / Next.js
    • Back end development - Node.js / GraphProtocol
    • Smart contract development - Solidity / Rust

Some sample projects :

  • Integrating Gnosis Safe for paying grants
  • Integrating Snapshot voting with core product
  • Integrating a decentralized notification system (email/messaging)
  • Adding support for Avalanche protocol by deploying new smart contracts and integrating relevant wallets

You’ll be the best fit if :

  • You have built numerous web2 projects
  • You’re curious about web3
    • You’ve built web3 projects prototypes
    • You’re a member of DAOs
    • You’ve contributed to web3 open source projects

Why you should join CreatorOS - Questbook

Questbook is a decentralized university where learning is always free, featuring learn-to-earn cryptoeconomics and our own crypto currency.

Questbook enables radical collaboration on creating tutorials for the greater good. If Wikipedia is where collaboration happens on facts, Stackoverflow is where collaboration happens on technical QnAs, Questbook is where collaboration happens on tutorials.

Millions of people don't have access to quality education. By laying strong emphasis on learning by doing, Questbook makes sure the skills attained through the courses on the platform are immediately applicable in the real world. Many of the learners who have gone through our courses have gone on to earn six figure salaries, build projects and seal a seed round of funding among many other inspiring stories.

We're starting with education for crypto engineers. We let people learn programming with just a mobile phone. Many people in India, SEA, Africa and LatAm don't have access to laptops - learning on mobile is their only option.

We envision a day where a learner from a small village in rural India learns to program on her cheap android phone because her dad can't afford to buy her a laptop. Learning to program on her mobile and earning on the way, she affords herself a laptop and goes on to contribute significantly to DAOs and GitHub projects. She's now teaching people from all around the world bringing to them an opportunity that seemed far fetched.

Mobile and internet is a great leveler of access to education. Crypto is a great leveler in access to capital. Marrying these two technologies, we make education widely and freely accessible.

We are bottlenecked on how fast we can build product and fundamentally change lives of millions. Each minute wasted in not having enough firepower to ship a product is a missed opportunity to change the life of a learner, a family, a generation.

Come join us challenge the traditional education the right way.

CreatorOS - Questbook
Team Size:11
Location:Bengaluru, India
Sriharsha Karamchati
Sriharsha Karamchati
Subhash Karri
Subhash Karri
Madhavan Malolan
Madhavan Malolan