A Virtual Property Manager for Long-Term Rentals

Software Engineer

Seattle, WA / Remote
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3+ years
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Daniel Kim
Daniel Kim

About the role

At Marble, we're re-imagining how people rent homes. We ask ourselves:

What would it look like to build Airbnb for 12 month leases?

Billions of dollars flow through the long-term rental industry yet it is still one of the most backwards experiences, full of conflicts between tenants and landlords. Civilization has gone through many iterations of housing and we find it’s our duty to revamp and modernize the living experience.

Marble is building a future where renters and homeowners can live in harmony.

If you join us, you will be an early team member in helping shape:

  1. The future of housing
  2. The foundations of company culture
  3. Future hires to scale our team
  4. Best practices and processes
  5. The direction and focus of our products

Engineers at Marble:

  • Work with TypeScript, React, React Native, Gatsby, Postgres, and AWS (and a little bit of Python)
  • Enjoy being nimble generalists that can deliver no matter the surface area of the codebase
  • Empathize deeply with users to craft a great experience
  • Are autonomous and figure out the solutions to their challenges
  • Are supportive — especially when teammates are faced with new challenges
  • Value clear, frequent communication and collaboration
  • Are naturally curious and willing to take a step to learn something they don’t have experience in
  • Feel a great sense of accountability to each other
  • Uphold best practices in engineering, product, and design

Skills and Experience:

  • 2+ years of working full-time as a software engineer
  • A fundamental understanding of some of the core technologies in our stack

Why you should join Marble

Marble is a virtual rental manager for long-term rentals. We place tenants, coordinate maintenance, and collect rent entirely remotely.

Team Size:9
Location:Seattle, WA
Daniel Kim
Daniel Kim
Daniel Li
Daniel Li