Autonomous aerial delivery solutions.

Embedded Software Engineer

Concord, CA, USA
Job Type
3+ years
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About the role

Ready to change the world?

We are reinventing how products are delivered around the world by unlocking the path not yet traveled.

Our company was founded in 2015 and is backed by Silicon Valley’s most prominent VCs, including LightSpeed Venture Partners and YCombinator. Volans-i provides fast on-demand aerial delivery service for time-critical shipments over long ranges. We build and operate long-range, high-payload drones for commercial, defense, and humanitarian applications. Leveraging drone technology as a transportation method, we help our customers gain control of their supply chain and save millions of dollars on downtime and inventory costs.

Our work came from the immediate need for critical delivery of parts to drastically reduce downtime for an automotive company. From this idea, our founders have scaled the company into a team of highly skilled and motivated individuals to serve critical delivery markets.


We are looking for Embedded Software Engineer candidates who are self-motivated individuals with a burning desire to constantly push the known boundaries of technology to create the next generation of delivery platforms. This person will create embedded flight controller drivers and applications for vertical-take-off-and-landing fixed-wing aircraft with a highly-motivated, results-driven international team.

What you will do:

  • Create drivers for sensors and actuators on the PX4 flight control software stack
  • Work with our Guidance, Navigation, and Controls (GNC) team to create new firmware modules for PX4
  • Work with the PX4 open source community to report bugs, create bug fixes, and submit pull requests to the upstream project
  • Create bare metal microcontroller and RTOS applications running on embedded devices not utilizing PX4
  • Assist the team in troubleshooting integration problems that arise when integrating new sensors and actuators


  • Good verbal and written communications skills. You will need to discuss designs and implementation details with your team, give visibility into progress and challenges, and communicate clearly and coherently while troubleshooting.
  • Experience developing sensor and/or actuator device drivers in C or C++
  • Experience developing bare metal microcontroller code for STM32F7/H7 or similar
  • Experience developing code to run in an RTOS environment such as NuttX, FreeRTOS, or ChibiOS
  • Ability to read existing device driver code and quickly understand its general design and the flow of data through the code
  • Familiarity with common microcontroller peripherals such ADC, DMA, and PWM
  • Familiarity with CAN bus
  • Ability to use common Linux command-line tools for building embedded code, flashing firmware, and debugging common issues
  • Ability to troubleshoot communications protocol problems using a variety of tools
  • Analyze requirements, document them, and help plan work to meeting those requirements

Desired :

  • Experience developing applications in an Embedded Linux environment (such as Armbian and Linux for Tegra/L4T)
  • Experience with NuttX RTOS
  • Experience developing bare metal code for multiple STMicro processor lines
  • Experience developing CAN bus or UAVCAN drivers or bridges
  • Experience building hardware-in-the-loop test kits
  • Experience developing with other relevant programming languages such as Python and Rust
  • Familiarity with drone/UAV avionics and specifically Pixhawk hardware (that runs PX4 firmware)
  • Experience with agile development processes such as Agile, Scaled Agile, Scrum, or similar
  • Experience working with safety-critical systems such as automotive, medical device, or other transportation
  • Experience working under software quality guidelines for safety critical systems such as ASTM-F3201 or DO-178C.

Why you should join Volansi

Volansi build and operates the most advanced autonomous aerial vehicles for transportation and delivery purposes.

Our vehicles combine the best of two worlds: Vertical Takeoff & Landing (VTOL) + Fixed-wing flight. The combination of these two modes of flight allows us to take off and land from anywhere without the need for infrastructure and cover long ranges to enable point-to-point deliveries.

We currently have two vehicles in the market with respective 10 and 20 lbs of payload capacity. Several other platforms are under development.

Team Size:85
Location:San Francisco
Hannan Parvizian
Hannan Parvizian