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Engineering Manager - DevOps

Gurugram, India
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About the role

Netomi is a Y-Combinator and VC-backed Artificial Intelligence company that sits at the intersection of two rapidly developing fields: AI and messaging. We do not sell an abstract, futuristic technology - we sell a solution that a large number of Fortune 500 companies are using today to drive engagement and sales across the entire customer journey. By leveraging deep reinforcement learning and our continuously learning neural network, our customers are able to successfully meet their objectives of generating social engagement, driving commerce and providing customer service.  We're building the future of how technology and people work together to create frictionless experiences for customers.  

Want to have a direct impact in solving the top challenges businesses face today? Join us!

Job description

We are looking for a Manager DevOps Engineer to work collaboratively with software development team to deploy and operate the systems. You'll be responsible to ensure the system is running smoothly and is being monitored continuously to resolve issues.


  • Analyse and debug difficult server performance issues, identify bottlenecks and optimize product/service performance to improve user experience
  • Respond to service outages/incidents and ensure system uptime requirements / SLAs are met
  • Automate provisioning and deployment of infrastructure and services across large enterprise cloud platform
  • Administer, manage and maintain cloud or hosted infrastructure and IT infrastructure
  • Build automated performance and test tooling to measure performance (collect metrics / monitoring) to bring end-to-end visibility and understanding to the performance of our systems/services 


  • 8+ years of DevOps experience, managing the entire infrastructure and the team
  • 2+ years of experience with cloud technologies (Kafka, ELK, Docker, Kubernetes etc)
  • 1+ years experience with Infrastructure as Code on Ansible / Vagrant / Terraform
  • 2+ years of experience working on AWS platform including scripting and automation
  •  Strong background in Linux 
  •  Strong programming and development skills in Perl / Python in a Linux like environment to ensure operations automation and data collection
  • Familiarity with SQL / MySQL
  • Excellent communication skills as you will be working with teams across different geographies

Why you should join Netomi

Netomi's AI enables self-driving customer care for companies like HP, Westjet, Singtel and more. By autonomously resolving over 70% of support tickets on email, chat, messaging, social and voice, companies using Netomi reduce support costs, boost customer happiness, enhance agent productivity and automate up-sell.

Team Size:104
Location:San Mateo, CA
Puneet Mehta
Puneet Mehta