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Retool is growing quickly, with customers ranging from early-stage startups to Fortune 500s companies. We’re hiring a Product Marketing Manager to help us learn more about this diverse set of customers and bring more rigor to our go-to-market process. We have a huge opportunity to share the value of Retool, the impact the product has had on our customers, and the way we’re changing the way work is done. If you love to dive into the customers’ shoes, launch products, and drive customer communications, this role is for you.


You’ll work directly with engineers and designers to shape how we launch products and to curate customer success stories across some of the coolest brands today. You’ll report to the Head of Product Marketing and will get the chance to collaborate across the entire company to take the Retool product story to the next level. We’ll look to you to help us understand what’s working, what’s not, and where to dig in more as we set the stage for what’s next. You’ll also work across the business—because that’s how we work—to bring the most value to the product marketing function as possible. 


You’ll join a small, but mighty marketing team at Retool. Everything we do is aimed at helping the company better understand our growing customer base and scale revenue to build an enduring business. Whether you’re a cat-person or a dog-person, love the outdoors or staying in, there’s a place for you on this team.


  • Become an expert on our customers—who are our champions? How do they use Retool? What are the most critical jobs to be done?
  • Develop our go-to-market strategies and drive the end-to-end launch of new products and features.
  • Collaborate with engineers, designers, sellers, and other marketers to execute launches.
  • Manage the customer feedback loop, scaled customer communication, and reviews.
  • Help enable user-facing teams at Retool with customer stories and assets that effectively communicate our value.


  • 4-7 years experience of relevant work experience in product marketing, product management, operational roles, or strategy consulting.
  • Experience working with engineering teams and focusing on a technical product.
  • Experience in B2B marketing and working closely with sales and success teams.
  • Strong writing and presentation skills.
  • Customer-driven mindset.

Retool is a fast way of building internal tools through our low-code drag-and-drop platform. We were founded in 2017 and graduated from YC the same year. Our Series A was led by Sequoia and we're backed by Daniel Gross (whose company is right upstairs from us!), John and Patrick Collison of Stripe, and Elad Gil, among others.

Why you should join Retool

Retool's a fast way of building internal tools (to manage deliveries, for customer support, etc.). We just hit profitability, have raised money from some great investors, including John + Patrick Collison (Stripe), Elad Gil (Color), Nat Friedman (Github), Greg Brockman (OpenAI), etc. We're looking to scale our engineering team from 15 people to around 25 this year.

Our thesis is that all internal tools have the same building blocks (tables, textinputs, dropdowns, etc.). So Retool gives you those building blocks, which you can combine and compose to make any sort of internal tool you might want. That's a lot faster than writing the same custom code, over and over again. Here's a 3 minute demo.

Our actual goal - though - is to build the future of programming. We think building boring, internal enterprise apps represents most of programming. And if you can make building these boring things a lot faster, you have a good shot at becoming what "comes after programming languages".

Team Size:40
Location:San Francisco
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