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About the role

About Upflow

Getting paid on time represents a significant problem for B2B companies. Unlike consumer payments, where we've seen massive amounts of innovation in the form of companies like Venmo & Revolut, B2B payments remain archaic, with most of the work being done in spreadsheets and involving significant amounts of back and forth between different stakeholders.

These inefficiencies are extremely problematic for companies, so much so that some go bankrupt because of this - and COVID hasn't helped! We're on a mission to fix this, and bring delightful B2C experiences to B2B finance teams in the process.

We launched in 2018 and today are trusted by hundreds of amazing users across the EU & US including Lattice, Front, Triplebyte, Iziwork, ProductBoard, Proxyclick and more. We're also backed by leading investors (YCombinator, 9yards, eFounders) and top BAs from N26, Square, Mercury, Uber and Netsuite.

For more information, please visit or checkout our product demo here:

Why we need your help?

Our product experience hinges on our ability to ingest large amounts of financial data quickly and correctly. To do this we build deep integrations with our customer's financial stack (bank, CRM, billing and accounting system).

We're looking for a senior or mid level engineer to scale our API integrations. An ideal candidate have previously worked on data ingestion pipelines with stringent SLAs.

Our Architecture

  • Monolithic with the exception of one legacy microservice

  • 100% Typescript (mainly strict)

  • React, Express, Postgres and Redis (queues)

  • Hosted on Heroku. Datadog + Sentry for monitoring.

  • 86.48% test coverage on the backend.

  • Full continuous delivery averaging 1 deployment / day.

  • Simple architecture at the backend (thin model, fat service layer, thin controller), no exotic design patterns (dependency injection...)

About you

  • Are entrepreneurial and are at ease working autonomously, in a fast paced startup environment.

  • Have a passion for building data intensive applications.

  • An expert in modern javascript development methodology, process and tooling (or are willing to become one).

  • Pragmatic approach to engineering that strikes a balance between seamless experiences, beautiful code, maintainability, and time to market.

  • Appreciation for a test-driven, code-review culture.

  • Interest in finance (bonus)

Recruitment process

Applying at Upflow is a two-way process between you and us. We need you to want to work with us as much as we want to work with you!

We strive to keep things efficient for you & us by going through the whole process in 2-3 weeks end-to-end.

Discovery Call (with Antoine, Talent Acquisition Manager)

30 min in visio to answer your first questions about Upflow and make sure weโ€™re on the right path.

Screening Interview (with Philippe, VP Engineering)

45 min in visio with your hiring manager to get to know each other and answer your questions. Be prepared, be curious.

Home assessment and review (with two engineers)

Your time to shine! We usually provide a detailed written technical test allowing you to showcase your capabilities.

Team Interview (with two peers)

2 x 30 min visio to get to know your (hopefully) future colleagues better.

Final Interview (with Barnaby, cofounder & CTPO)

30 min in visio to discuss the vision and ask as many questions as you want.

Ref checks

We always take the time to do a few ref checks from your previous lives. That will help us understand how to get you on board.

๐ŸŽ‰ Offer! ๐ŸŽ‰

We look forward to having you onboard! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Why Work With Us?

  • Craft : Join a product-driven company, with a focus on delivering exceptionally high quality software.

  • Work-life balance : Work on-site in Paris, 100% remote or something in between.

  • Build : Join us at an early stage, most of the work lies ahead of us.

  • Grow : Join a team that is passionate, caring, ambitious and intelligent that share the common goal to change the way B2B payments take place.

  • Trust : Enjoy a very high degree of autonomy with a hands-off management style.

  • Great healthcare, salary, and equity, free lunches, cool offices.

  • Regular offsites with the team, meetups, and strong connections to the startup ecosystem.

Why you should join Upflow

Upflow is a new kind of payments platform for B2B businesses. You can think of us like Stripe but for businesses that get paid via wire transfer, 30-45 days after they issue an invoice. Today, 100s of businesses rely on Upflow to understand cashflow, collaborate on collections and receive payment.

For more information, please visit or checkout our product demo here:

Team Size:45
Location:New York
Alex Louisy
Alex Louisy
Barnaby Malet
Barnaby Malet