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Sr. Product Design Manager

Job Type
6+ years
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About the role

At Bitrise, we’re improving on the way mobile products are developed and deployed for thousands of customers around the world. As the manager of the Product Design team you help our user insight driven product organization to deliver the right product to our customers in high quality, by helping team members to add direct impact through their product area.

Key responsibilities

  • Recruit & grow product design team members
    • Help to identify career opportunities, develop career path, monitor progress and create milestones based on competencies
    • Drive and iterate on team ceremonies
  • Stakeholder management
    • Build and maintain a healthy design culture on team and organisation level
    • Represent the team and user in cross-functional R&D efforts
    • Collaborate with product-, research-, engineering manager peers and SLT where design resource allocation is needed
    • Report out to leaders and cross-functional teams about UX projects, success stories, and best practices
  • Build an efficient team, make sure
    • the team members are able to work together on overarching projects
    • each team member has the right tools, knowledge and environment in their cross-functional teams
  • Establish and innovate user-centered design processes
    • Have an overall understanding on ongoing UX projects, identify possible touchpoints and collaboration with other departments
    • Drive UX initiatives and represent the team in case of cross-functional collaboration *. Drive conversation with customer facing teams, leverage customer relationships to incorporate the voice of the customer
  • Keep running Bitkit, our design system
    • Help the team to create a streamlined and low-maintenance component library
    • Work closely with frontend guild lead, ideate on how to deliver UI and high-fidelity prototypes faster.

Must have

  • 3+ years of people management experience
  • 8+ years of experience working in Design (product, UI, UX, graphic design)

Experience and attributes

  • Deep understanding of design & research principles and agile methodologies
  • Experience with working on B2B Saas products *.Experience with technical products and conceptual understanding of the developer tool market
  • Fluent English speaking and writing skills

What We Offer

  • Accelerated learning, and a commitment to invest in your personal growth and development in the form of courses, conferences, book allowance and more
  • A massive amount of freedom and trust while your contributions help shape and grow Bitrise for years to come
  • The opportunity to play a role in the mobile development process for the world’s most successful companies
  • The security of working in a financially stable, growing company with an ever-expanding global customer base
  • The opportunity to travel the world to meet, learn from, and connect to end-users at conferences and meetings, as well as the chance to occasionally work from one of our international offices

About Bitrise

Bitrise is a mobile DevOps platform and a mobile CI/CD service. It’s where tens of thousands of mobile teams build, test and deploy their apps, including companies such as Transferwise (now “WISE”), Virgin Mobile, Grindr, Tonal, Compass, Mozilla, Philips Hue, Babbel and others. With customers ranging from startups and mobile unicorns to centuries-old enterprises, applications built, tested, and deployed through Bitrise have made their way to billions of end users around the world. Chances are, you have at least some of those apps on your phone right now. We’re proud Y-combinator alumni.

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