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San Francisco, Boston, Minneapolis, or remote / Remote
3+ years
Boston, Minneapolis, San Francisco, or Remote / Remote
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6+ years
6+ years
Boston, New York, San Francisco, Minneapolis / Remote
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Mountain View (California)
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Mountain View (California)
3+ years

Why you should join VergeSense

Our Company

The future of work is increasingly complex — remote workers, distributed teams, flexible multi-tenant office space — and the dynamic of how workers interact with each other and how workers interact with their physical space is changing.

VergeSense is building an easy-to-deploy space utilization & sensing platform that helps real estate professionals monitor foot-traffic within buildings. Data from our platform is used to improve building layout & design, execute dynamic workforce strategies, and reduce energy costs. For large clients, the financial impact is in the tens of millions per year. We provide a full-stack solution comprised of easy-to-deploy AI-sensors, fleet management tools, analytics software, and APIs that integrate with the leading workplace management systems on the market.

Current Events

We are in unprecedented times, and workplace tech is especially needed to help companies plan for a post-COVID workplace. Our AI-powered sensing products and platform are being called on more than ever to serve commercial real estate operators and employees of the modern workforce. We have been at the center of space planning conversations focused on helping companies comply with public health guidelines of social distancing, sanitation, among other applications. As companies plan the return to work for their teams, we are working with speed, accuracy, and care to deliver a crucial service in this transitional time.

Our Product

Deployed in minutes, our high-accuracy quick-installation sensors are able to identify the presence of people and key objects in the context of an office environment that signal how space is being used. Our analytics platform creates a sphere of intelligence within properties and provides actionable insights and AI-powered recommendations to help building managers make effective space planning decisions.

We’re building and training our sensors to become even smarter, with the goal of catering to an even wider range of customers, use cases, and industries. Our sensor-as-a-system and intuitive analytics dashboard provide a real-time view into what is happening in a space, and over time our sensors automatically learn to detect new types of events on the go.

Our Community

We are a lean, fast-moving, impact-focused (and fun!) team of 60+ across San Francisco HQ, Minneapolis, Boston, and remote locations. We count the Fortune 500 among our customers and are backed by leading investors including Y Combinator, Allegion Ventures, JLL, Bolt, Pathbreaker Ventures, with strong financial runway. We're always looking to add amazing individuals to our team.

We believe in allowing people to apply their strengths toward doing work they find meaningful. We value creativity and resourcefulness in team members, and would love to hear where you believe your contributions would be most impactful.

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Kelby Green
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