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BillionToOne has developed a DNA molecular counter that increases the cell-free DNA diagnostics resolution by over 1,000 fold. We are the only technology platform that can detect single-gene disorders in an unborn baby from maternal blood and that can accurately quantify copy number variation (CNV) changes in cancer patients. Our first product, UNITY, is the only NIPT that accurately detects single gene disorders such as cystic fibrosis and sickle cell in the baby from a blood test of the mother. UNITY covers all inherited disorders that every pregnancy needs to be tested for and has 98.5%+ sensitivity and 99%+ specificity.

BillionToOne has recently raised a large Series A funding from global institutional investors, including from Hummingbird Ventures, NeoTribe Ventures and Y Combinator:

Check out a simplified introduction to our technology and its potential to transform molecular diagnostics:

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Oguzhan Atay
Oguzhan Atay
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