TrueNorth gives truckers a single place to manage their business.

Jobs at TrueNorth

San Francisco Bay Area / Remote
$120k - $180k
3+ years
San Francisco, CA, USA
$100k - $160k
6+ years
San Francisco
$100k - $150k
6+ years

Why you should join TrueNorth

Traditional trucking companies still run on paper, emails, phone calls, and snail mail. They’re inefficient and bloated. The pressure of low margins suffocates the truckers who actually do the work.

Our software cuts out the inefficiencies, and we pass the savings through to our truckers. Instead of paper-pushers and endless phone calls, they get an end-to-end solution: customer management, load coordination, automated invoicing, a real-time financial dashboard, a single place to manage their business.

A blog post that goes deeper into why we started this company:

We're a team of 50, and proud to say the majority of us are female or non-binary. We come from a wide range of backgrounds. We don't just value diversity, we cherish it. And we mean it.

Team Size:50
Location:San Francisco
Jin Stedge
Jin Stedge
Sanjaya Wijeratne
Sanjaya Wijeratne