Transforms how grocery stores buy highly perishable foods.

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Why you should join Shelf Engine

At Shelf Engine, we replace the buyer at grocery stores. Buyers have a complicated job - they have hundreds or even thousands of SKUs to manage, and they have to determine how much of each type to order for each day of the week. This job is so difficult that most retailers have 30% waste for their highly perishable items! At Shelf Engine, we can halve that waste. In fact, we do such a good job determining quantities to stock, we'll buy back whatever doesn't sell. Interested? Get in contact - come help us cut food waste in half!

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What do you love most about working at Shelf Engine?
Shelf's core business aligns environmental impact with profit; it's great to be doing meaningful work in a sustainable way. On top of that, the team is all pulling in the same direction.
Augustus Lidaka, software engineer
Current Employee
Why should somebody consider working at Shelf Engine?
Many companies today provide a positive benefit to society. Some companies have high growth potential. What's incredibly rare is a startup in both sets. Shelf Engine has product-market fit in a massive industry, and if successful, will have a tremendous positive impact on the health of the planet.
Brendan Lee, Software Engnieer
Current Employee
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Bede Jordan
Bede Jordan
Stefan Kalb
Stefan Kalb