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Legacy (YC S19) is a Series B startup focused on the fast-growing field of fertility and family planning. Founded at Harvard, the company has now raised almost $50M from leading investors like FirstMark Capital, Bain Capital Ventures, Section 32, Tribe Capital, and even celebrities like Justin Bieber, The Weeknd, and others. For context, we've closed 4 venture rounds in 2.5 years, in addition to our celebrity round of funding.

What we're doing

We are building a complete digital health hub for future fathers/parents. We aim to change the outdated view that fertility is a "women's issue" by creating an accessible, affordable product for men & people with sperm. This includes everything from a mail-in kit for sperm testing & sperm freezing, personalized sperm improvement products, tele-health, DNA fragmentation analysis, supplements, and more.

Why are we the leader?

The company was founded at Harvard by a team of healthcare and fertility experts. We obsess about talent density and have out-executed our competitors over the past few years. Beyond our D2C channel, we've also unlocked:

  1. Insurance (We cover over 10M individuals through insurance in NY and CA)
  2. Military (We serve the Navy SEALs & other SpecOps through exclusive programs)
  3. Employers (We work with the top fertility benefit providers like Progyny, Carrot, and Maven)

Tell me about the team

We're a team of under 50, extremely diverse (majority female, majority immigrants, strong LGBQTIA+ representation, age range of 25-65), and very values driven. Our 5 values are customer centricity, reliability, kindness, openness, and winning.

Learn more about our values here: https://khaled-legacy.medium.com/legacys-values-and-why-they-matter-db116539d3da

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Read about our mission to humanize the path to parenthood: https://khaled-legacy.medium.com/how-and-why-legacy-is-reinventing-workplace-benefits-9e5fda6cb863

Learn more about sperm and why it matters here: docsend.com/view/zkgk7ws

Watch our recruiting video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CyA7b1DBdIE

Team Size:45
Location:Cambridge, MA
Khaled Kteily
Khaled Kteily
Sarah Steinle
Sarah Steinle