TrueNorth gives truckers a single place to manage their business.

Lead Product Designer

$100k - $150k
San Francisco
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6+ years
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About the role

TrueNorth gives truckers everything they need to run their businesses, and cut out all the middlemen. We’re a small team of Tesla, Facebook, Twitter, MIT, Stanford, Waterloo, Harvard, and YC alums alongside multi-generational trucking families.

Our modern economy is built on the trucking industry (look around you — nearly everything was on a truck at some point). But trucking is a tough job, filled with long hours, inefficient systems, and raw deals. TrueNorth is using technology to make trucking more modern, more efficient, and more human.

We put truckers first, which is rare in the trucking industry. That’s why we’ve never had a customer (trucker) leave once they’ve joined, and why referrals is our strongest customer acquisition channel.

You will:

  • Be our first design hire
  • Define our design system
  • Own the entire design experience, from user research to prototyping to shipping product
  • Work daily with engineers, TrueNorth employees who support our truckers, and our truckers themselves
  • Grow a team of user-obsessed, practical, and empathetic designers

Good design, to us, means we’re able give our customers (truckers) more stable and profitable livelihoods via faster & better decisions. Attributes that will make you successful in this role:

  • You’re more excited about solving problems than perfecting pixels. Truckers are an underserved population, and countless tech companies have tried and failed to sell them software. They don’t care about color palettes or cool effects — they care about results. You’ll have to design tools that are so useful that people are willing to upend the way the industry does business today (via phone calls, pen, and paper).
  • You back up your decisions with feedback and data. This is a yet-unsolved problem. We’ll find the answers with a first-principles approach, accurate data and insights, and clear/honest feedback channels with our users.
  • You fully commit and go all-in. You go deep. You think like a product owner and insist on understanding both the problems our users face and the challenges we face as a business. You help drive product strategy — what to build, and when to build it — with your deep insight into our users.
  • You’re a clear communicator. The surface area of our product is wide, and the tasks our users must take are complex, another reason this is still an unsolved problem. You can articulate the reasoning behind your decisions, and align the team around the solutions you create.
  • You have a breadth of experience. Ideally, you’ve seen multiple design systems at high-growth startups, especially at different stages of scale. You’ve led end-to-end design on high-visibility projects. You’ve designed for a diverse population of users.

TrueNorth is an equal opportunity employer. We believe diversity in ethnicity, culture, gender, age, and life experiences is what sets us apart, and we commit to celebrating diversity in every single hire.

Why you should join TrueNorth

Traditional trucking companies still run on paper, emails, phone calls, and snail mail. They’re inefficient and bloated. The pressure of low margins suffocates the truckers who actually do the work.

Our software cuts out the inefficiencies, and we pass the savings through to our truckers. Instead of paper-pushers and endless phone calls, they get an end-to-end solution: customer management, load coordination, automated invoicing, a real-time financial dashboard, a single place to manage their business.

A blog post that goes deeper into why we started this company:

We're a team of 50, and proud to say the majority of us are female or non-binary. We come from a wide range of backgrounds. We don't just value diversity, we cherish it. And we mean it.

Team Size:50
Location:San Francisco
Jin Stedge
Jin Stedge
Sanjaya Wijeratne
Sanjaya Wijeratne