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IT Support Specialist

Mexico City
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3+ years
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About the role

The Opportunity for you: As an IT Support Specialist at Nuvocargo, you will work across all teams at Nuvocargo. This challenge is exciting particularly as you will lead cross-functional efforts, and execute on strategic initiatives that will have a long lasting impact on the company. Build and develop our IT infrastructure, as our IT Local Support Specialist you will identify opportunities to create scalable and timely solutions for the company You may implement new processes, develop internal tools to drive efficiencies or improve the user experience. This is first and foremost a results-driven role that will shape the future of Nuvocargo. This job is CDMX based as it will provide on-site support! You may be required to travel from time to time.

Who are you?

  • You speak both English & Spanish fluently. For this particular role at Nuvocargo, seamlessly switching between English & Spanish is a must.
  • You are low ego. Collaboration is your best method. You don’t care or remember who came up with the best idea. Internal and external stakeholders love working with you because you hear their ideas and quickly execute on pragmatic initiatives to solve them, especially when they require cross-functional context.
  • You are a strategic thinker and a doer. You gather insights to understand the big picture, but you are driven by a hands-on approach. You thrive both at strategizing and at executing on the initiatives you lead and you always take initiatives from conception to launch.
  • You move with speed. You move incredibly fast, making decisions and overcoming obstacles with speed. You are not afraid of working with different stakeholders or getting into the nitty gritty to make sure our efforts are implemented and have the highest impact.
  • You are both a great communicator and listener. You are great at synthesizing inputs from different sources; you speak and write clearly, concisely, and with a structure that gets everyone on the same page when things feel messy.
  • You enjoy solving complex problems. A systems-thinker. You do whatever it takes to solve the challenge in front of you. Like we do, you believe that when there is a will, there is a way.
  • You are data driven. You trust your business instincts but you dive deep into the data to make decisions. You have a process-oriented mindset, and you quantify success with hard data.
  • You are self-driven and proactive. You are a self-starter who is not afraid to step out of the comfort zone in the quest for improvement and innovation.
  • You have a track record of working in roles such as investment banking, private equity, management consulting, strategy, operations, or similar where you have had to navigate effortlessly between the quantitative and qualitative aspects to improve and understand a business.

What you'll do in a typical week:

  • Own our hard and soft IT assets (cellphones, laptops, Zoom, Google Workspace, 1Password, etc.)
  • Provide IT assistance for our employees
  • Training end-users on hardware functionality and software programs
  • Resolving errors in a timely manner.
  • Maintaining databases and ensuring system security.
  • Continue to build up IT assets best practices (soft and hard assets and cyber-security)
  • Keeping track of technological advancements and trends in IT support.
  • Maintain and upgrade systems and assets
  • Evolve Nuvocargo's cybernetic infrastructure
  • Install software on new or existing devices, in accordance with standard procedures
  • Assist in the set-up of new equipment and devices
  • Assist users in obtaining access to systems
  • Ensure software and hardware preventive maintenance

This will NOT be a good fit for you if:

  • You need to be "managed". You don't need handholding, but you also know when to ask for inputs and advice from key stakeholders. We will rely on you to lead key business initiatives with extreme ownership and autonomy.
  • You want to do "strategy" and not get in the weeds. We are a scrappy, fast-paced, and early stage startup; that means everyone, especially Carrier Operations, needs to be willing to get their hands dirty. This will not be a good role for you if you are interested in being a pure manager.
  • You struggle to move from "idea" to "execution". This role will require someone with a bias towards action who moves at the speed of high-growth startups in producing well-thought-out initiatives to drive growth and impact for Nuvocargo.
  • You don't love to do. We need someone who is capable and excited to jump into the details; you should love solving exceptions & operational issues.

What we offer:

  • A unique & fun culture at the intersection of the freight and technology industries, as well as between the USA and Latin American work cultures.
  • Above market salary to make you an owner and partner of the business.
  • The opportunity to shape the foundations of a venture backed technology company aiming to modernize a trillion dollar industry.
  • A chance to join the ground floor of a well-funded, fast-growing startup that is modernizing an industry critical to the global economy.

Why you should join Nuvocargo

Tech-enabled freight forwarding between USA and Latin America, starting with USA-Mexico cross-border trucking.

Nuvocargo is reinventing the $2 trillion freight forwarding industry. We are a digital-first freight forwarder using a mix of technology and exceptional service to help companies seamlessly move products across the Americas, starting with the biggest trade lane in the world: Mexico <-> USA cross-border trucking.

International logistics is the multi-trillion dollar connective tissue of the world economy, but it's been slow to leverage the power of technology; it's finally going digital, and Nuvocargo is playing a big role in driving this historic shift.

We believe that true expertise in logistics cannot be automated and is incredibly valuable; however, we think software and technology can give logistics professionals superpowers to help provide shippers with the best service, and make everyone's lives easier.

We’re growing quickly, and are backed by some of the world’s best investors from both Silicon Valley and Latin America such as QED (founders of $60B+ Capital One), NFX (Silicon Valley fund with $10bn in exits), the founders of Nubank ($25B+) and Rappi ($3B+), ALLVP (Leading Mexico & LatAm fund), Y Combinator (~1% acceptance rate, created $300bn worth of startups), and angels who have built, exited, or currently sit on the board of companies worth over $100 billion.

Our DNA is comprised of four very distinct worlds and cultures: Silicon Valley, Logistics, Latin America, and USA. If you are excited about being at the intersection of these worlds and laying the foundations for hyper-growth at one of the most tech-forward 3PL's in both the US and Mexico, then read on...

Team Size:150
Location:Mexico City, Mexico
Deepak Chhugani
Deepak Chhugani