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Backend Engineer, Platform

San Francisco / Remote
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1+ years
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About the role

We're looking for a product-minded backend engineer to lead the development of extending the Hightouch platform. Our platform consists of integrations for sources of data (databases, warehouses) as well as integrations for all of the places data can be sent to. Each integration in our platform serves as a new use case that Hightouch can solve for. Today, Hightouch integrates with dozens of the most common tools across many categories. However, new and existing customers request integrations every week to expand the capabilities of Hightouch.

While primarily a backend engineering role, you'll channel many different skill sets as part of this role:

  • Product management - ensuring the capabilities of an integration meet the customer requirements
  • Customer success - personally onboarding customers and ensuring that the integration is working for them
  • UX - is the integration clearly documented and easy to use?

The day-to-day will include extending the Hightouch platform with new sources and destinations, adding depth to existing integrations, evaluating UX decisions, and interacting directly with customers.

Why you should join Hightouch

Data warehouses like Snowflake and BigQuery are shifting how companies think of centralizing data. They're becoming the standard place to centralize customer data at a company, given how cheap and accessible warehouses have become. exists to help companies get their data out of the warehouse (reverse ETL) and into the hands of sales, marketing, and product teams.

Business users can't get data into their SaaS tools without help from engineering. is the easiest way to get customer data from your database or data warehouse into your SaaS tools. Just write SQL in our UI, map the columns to the fields in your SaaS tool, and then watch the data live sync into your SaaS tool. Some common examples include getting data into sales (Salesforce, Hubspot), marketing (Iterable, Braze, MailChimp), and support (Zendesk, Intercom) tools.

Why is this a big deal? SaaS tooling like Salesforce have been promising to be the customer source of truth for years, but have never achieved that goal. Warehouses have accomplished that vision, but lack the final piece which is getting the data back into the operational systems where it can be used. Hightouch closes this loop and captures the value of getting data into these systems.

We're growing rapidly, have a user base that raves about us, and recently raised a Series A from top firms!

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Joshua Curl
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