API for global consumer credit information.

Infrastructure/Platform Engineer

SF, NY, Remote / Remote
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3+ years
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About the role

At Nova Credit, we’re on a mission to make financial access easier, no matter where you’re from or where you go. We’ve built a platform that enables lenders to access a single, predictive cross-border credit database to help underwrite immigrants and other global citizens.  In effect, we are the first global infrastructure for financial identity to seamlessly move around the world. We’re passionate about financial inclusion, and committed to building a diverse and fulfilling work culture.

For a more in-depth look of our engineering culture, check out our page on Key Values.

As an Infrastructure/Platform Engineer at Nova Credit, you’ll have the opportunity to work on a small team tackling not-small problems. Our infrastructure is configured declaratively in code so you’ll spend 0% of your day fiddling around in the AWS console and 100% of your day in your IDE.

We're remote friendly within the continental US and we will continue to be after the pandemic. Our only ask is for you to join us in-person for one company-wide offsite each year. Our US compensation will be tied to pay ranges of high-cost areas such as SF and NY, regardless of where employees live. 


  • Build & configure the cloud resources that power and secure the global financial identity infrastructure
  • Operate with a security-first mindset
  • Own availability, reliability, and scalability
  • Multiply the impact of Nova Credit’s engineering teams


  • 2+ years of relevant infrastructure/platform work
  • Mastery of AWS and its alphabet soup of services
  • Familiarity with Infrastructure as Code frameworks (Terraform, Cloudformation, etc. | Ansible, Chef, etc.) 
  • *nix chops
  • Comfortable working in shells
  • Scripting language(s) -- NodeJS preferred
  • Experience provisioning and managing CI tooling / frameworks

Sample Projects

  • Build a containerized PR Preview environment that provisions a dedicated context for every PR
  • Creatively design and provision multi-cloud, global infrastructure to satisfy an ever-changing Venn Diagram of multinational privacy and legal regulations
  • Safety-first CI/CD
  • Zero-manual-maintenance infrastructure


  • Step 1: The phone screen gives us a chance to learn more about you, your goals, and your interests. It’s also a chance for you to learn about us and get answers to your questions. 
  • Step 2: The technical assessment (a one-hour coding challenge) is intended to give you a taste of what you’ll be doing at Nova Credit. We avoid asking algorithmic questions, so you can expect to be asked to complete more practical tasks, such as working with an existing API, parsing JSON responses, or building a UI component.
  • Step 3: The virtual final round will give you the opportunity to meet additional engineers, have a conversation with your potential manager, and expose you to the Nova Credit culture. It is broken down into three one-hour technical sessions (coding challenges/systems design sessions) and a forty-five minute chat with the hiring manager.

Everyone is welcome at Nova Credit. We are an equal opportunity employer where our diversity and inclusion are central pillars to our company strategy. We look for applicants who understand, embrace and thrive in a multicultural and increasingly globalized world. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.

Why you should join Nova Credit

We're connecting credit reporting agencies across the world into a single, predictive cross-border credit database. We make this information available through a standardized and modern API to unlock financial services, housing and employment for immigrants around the world. In effect, we are creating the first and only global infrastructure for financial identity to move across the world.

Nova Credit
Team Size:85
Location:San Francisco
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Misha Esipov
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Nicky Goulimis