Flatiron for Rare Disease

Lead Engineer/Software Architect

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Any (new grads ok)
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Eesha Sharma
Eesha Sharma

About the role

OPPORTUNITY: We are seeking a highly skilled lead engineer/software architect to lead our development team in creating our flagship product: a search engine for rare disease treatments for doctors. You will be responsible for creating and implementing a comprehensive solution plan and leading a team of software engineers as they develop our flagship and follow on products.

REQUIREMENTS: This role requires strong leadership and mentoring skills, deep understanding of the broad range of platforms available. Top candidates will have experience scaling MVP to full product. The job will begin as team lead but has scope for rapid promotion if a good fit is found.


  • Collaborating with various stakeholders to determine software requirements.
  • Creating high-level product specifications and design documents.
  • Providing the development team with architectural blueprints to follow.
  • Guiding and assisting the development team throughout the process.
  • Troubleshooting and resolving issues with coding or design.
  • Ensuring that you and the team adhere to development schedules and deadlines.
  • Presenting regular progress reports and setting goals.
  • Testing the final product to ensure it is completely functional and meets requirements.
  • Updating software solutions as required.

Software Architect Requirements:

  • Master's degree in computer science.
  • Extensive experience in software development and project management.
  • Solid understanding of a variety of programming tools and development platforms.
  • Excellent organizational and leadership abilities.
  • Highly analytical mindset, with an ability to see both the big picture and the details.
  • Strong communication and presentation skills.

Why you should join MoGen

Rare disease treatment has a lot of trial and error due to small numbers of patients. MoGen is solving this by building a database of genetic-treatment-outcome information that is valuable to pharma, physicians and patients. Data is collected and aggregated from our patient portal designed to manage complicated conditions and delivered to care providers through our clinician’s portal. We have developed a proprietary AI model to help tailor search results based on genotype.   We plan on expanding from this target space into additional rare genetic disease and contribute to efforts in diagnostics and therapeutics using the data we collect.   Our founding team is stacked with Stanford alumni with PhDs in Genetics, founders with profitable startups and a family member of a rare disease patient.

Team Size:8
Location:Palo Alto
Eesha Sharma
Eesha Sharma