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About the role

At Shef, we are building a community-based food platform. We believe in providing our community of shefs (refugees, immigrants, stay-at-home parents, retirees) the opportunity to make a meaningful income from their very own kitchens - doing what they love! We also believe that every person should have access to a wholesome, homemade meal at an affordable price. Building a community devoted to economic empowerment and cultural inclusivity -- that's why we started Shef.


As one of TechCrunch's "favorite YC startups” backed by prominent Silicon Valley VCs and investors -- we have a ton of exciting work ahead of us!


We are looking for a Head of Marketing with the desire and ability to build world-class marketing teams and lead Shef’s rapid expansion. As Shef’s marketing leader, you will be responsible for building and leading Shef’s marketing organization with an eye towards rapid scaling in and across markets. You will be the senior leader responsible for the company’s ambitious growth, leading marketing strategy and implementation on both sides of the marketplace. You will be an early leader at Shef, building the company's foundation, hiring strong talent, and paving the way for future growth.


1. Create and manage a data-driven framework for evaluating marketing efficacy and lead efforts to improve efficacy as the company scales.

  • Create a framework for evaluating growth efficacy and lead efforts to improve efficacy.

  • Create benchmarks for marketing performance and cost effectiveness that will drive decision making and financial modeling.

  •  Lead changes across the organization to improve performance in these key areas.

- Build data infrastructure for predictable forecasting and to manage the business to metrics.

Key metrics:  

o   Business outcomes

> GMV and monthly growth rate

> Org and channel budgeting

> New market launch and ramp

o   Marketing outcomes

> Supply acquisition and retention

> Demand acquisition and retention

> CAC:LTV (payback period)

o   Marketplace outcomes

> Shef order rate and revenue

> Supply liquidity 

> Supply variety and expansion


2. Build a world-class marketing organization, leading the recruitment of the team and being the organization’s primary leader.

  • Create a hiring plan and lead recruitment of marketing org.

- Recruit world-class talent to lead Shef’s rapidly growing marketplace.

> Data/ analytics 

> Platform specialist

> Media planners and buyers

> Creative and brand

> Product marketing

  • Find and execute ways to make onboardings more delightful and effective.

  • Be a culture leader that instills Shef’s values and mission into each team member.

  • Be a leader for the organization:

> Lead with empathy: listen first and serve 

> Create a culture with bias towards action

> Create a culture that encourages learning and development

> Be mindful of mental health and connection in remote environment

3. Be a cross-functional thought leader, advocating for the company’s growth goals and creating alignment with operations, product and engineering.

  • Build a culture of knowledge sharing across the organization; work with product and engineering teams to implement change.

  • Create a transparent framework for decision making and prioritization to help drive alignment across the organization.

  • Build a culture of testing and iteration within the marketing organization.


  • 10+ years of marketing experience, with 6+ years experience leading marketing at a consumer-facing company.

  • Track record of building and executing a bottom-up go-to-market strategy that grew from $10M to $100M+ ARR.

  • Track record of managing high-velocity growth across multiple markets.

  • Track record of successfully managing individuals and coaching them into leaders.

  • Work Ethic: works very hard, no matter how successful they have been

  • Coach: seeks to better themselves and those on their team

  • Strong Communicator: distills complexity into clear and concise messaging

  • Leader: recruits, manages, and develops high-performing teams

  • Data-driven: defines, measures, and manages funnel metrics

  • Leads with empathy: listens first and seeks to make an impact through service.

  • Strategic: runs balanced strategies with both short and long-term investments

  • Passionate about Shef’s mission to provide talented cooks with economic opportunity and to share their food with our communities.


Why you should join Shef

At Shef, we’re rebuilding the food system from scratch, redefining who can participate in the food economy, and returning personal connection to the making, eating, and sharing of food.

Shef is an online marketplace for local, food safety certified cooks to connect with customers in their community and earn a meaningful income selling homemade dishes.

75% of shefs are women and 80% are people of color. Together, they represent nearly 100 countries around the world, from Algeria to Korea, to India and Venezuela. Shefs are aunties and abuelas, immigrants and refugees, stay-at-home parents and restaurant dreamers. They’re passionate local cooks in your community who are doing what they love most — sharing their food and culture with you.

Shef is also part of a growing movement to build a more inclusive food system for all. We are proud to support and champion advocacy efforts to expand home cooking laws across the country so that talented cooks everywhere can earn a meaningful income from their own kitchens.

Join us:

Team Size:100
Location:San Francisco
Joey Grassia
Joey Grassia
Alvin Salehi
Alvin Salehi