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Flutter Engineer -- who want to help other developers 🚀

Los Angeles, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Buenos Aires
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3+ years
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About the role

Embrace is looking for a Flutter developer who loves Dart and enjoys creating technology that improves the lives of other devs. You will work on cutting edge features, because Flutter is cutting edge, the latest specs, and even some distributed on-device AI -- to ensure our customers have the data and tools they need to build amazing applications.

You will work with a team of experienced engineers to improve and evolve our current product, which is gathering data from 100M+ devices already from Wish, Goat, Cameo and many other apps.

What We Believe is Important for this role:

  • The ability to write rock-solid Dart code
  • An awesome communicator who is able to interact with customers with a wide range of skill levels
  • Being excited about the opportunity to occasionally travel to visit customers
  • A desire to always keep improving the api / SDK

What you have:

  • At least 3 years of experience with Dart or similar languages
  • A good understanding of mobile apps
  • Exceptional communication skills

Things that would be great, but aren't required:

  • You have experience with native frameworks such as Swift or Kotlin
  • You have OSS contributions
  • You are active in places where people talk about tech challenges, like Stack Overflow and Reddit

Why you should join Embrace

📲 Mobile is here whether on our phones in front of the TV, using Zoom on the go, submitting invoices in a work app, or buying products on an iPad point-of-sale system (ex. Toast and Snackpass!) Embrace is right there and focused on only helping mobile teams make your user experiences (and their own lives) the best.

We are the only data, observability, and resolution platform built for mobile. Mobile apps, like Wish, Cameo, OkCupid, Home Depot and Goat, rely on Embrace to proactively find, reproduce and instantly fix all types of errors.

Our team are experts from Scopely, Niantic, Apple, Marco Polo, Upsight and more. Come join us!

Team Size:75
Location:Los Angeles, CA
Eric Futoran
Eric Futoran
Fredric Newberg
Fredric Newberg