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3+ years
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Help us to increase the number of successful companies in the world!

🌍 Location: We are full-remote and hours agnostic! Our current team is distributed between GMT-8 and GMT+2. Sadly, we can't currently accept applications outside of these time zones -sorry!

🎤 Interview process: 3 stages across 2-3 weeks, including 2 hours of interviews and our SuperDay (paid day of work). Read more about our interview process.

🖥️ Team: TBC - all teams are hiring

💼 Manager: TBC

💰Compensation: Please check our compensation calculator.

🦔 Read more how we hire and how we think about Diversity & Inclusion.

About PostHog:

PostHog is an open source product analytics platform. We provide product-led teams with everything they need to understand user behaviour, including funnels, session recordings, user paths, multivariate testing and more. PostHog can be deployed to the cloud, or self-hosted on existing infrastructure, removing the need to send data externally.

We started PostHog as part of Y Combinator's W20 cohort and had the most successful B2B software launch on HackerNews since 2012 - with a product that was just 4 weeks old. Since then, we raised $27m from some of the world's top investors, grew the team to almost 30 and have shown strong product-led growth.

We’re now looking for a Community Engineer to join the Website and Docs team. We have a community of over 20k+ developers using PostHog, mostly on the open source product, plus a 1000+ Slack community and over 6k GitHub stars. And all of these numbers are going up, fast. We have an unusually well-known brand in open source for such a young company, and this is an opportunity to be the first dedicated Community hire here - you'll have a ton of influence.

What you’ll be doing:

  • Growth hacking to make our community self-sustaining, e.g. website Q&A and other tools we haven't thought of yet
  • Add features to the website that enhance community, like profiles, badges etc.
  • Improve the Docs themselves - make them world class
  • Write engaging technical blog content - push for even more transparency about what we're doing with technical deep dives
  • Be one of the faces of PostHog in the community, understanding their needs and building solutions for them

What we value:

  • We are open source - building a huge community around a free-for-life product is key to PostHog's strategy.
  • We aim to become the most transparent company, ever. In order to enable teams to make great decisions, we share as much information as we can. In our public handbook everyone can read about our roadmap, how we pay (or even let go of) people, what our strategy is, and who we have raised money from. We also have regular team-wide feedback sessions, where we share honest feedback with each other.
  • Working autonomously and maximizing impact - we don’t tell anyone what to do, everyone chooses what to work on next based on what is going to have the biggest impact on our customers.
  • Solve big problems - we haven't built our defining feature yet. We are all about acting fast, innovating and iterating.
  • We are a remote company, which allows us to hire amazing people from all over the world, and foster an inclusive culture.

What you’ll bring:

  • Experience with relevant frontend technologies - we use HTML/Sass (of course), Tailwind, Gatsby, Next.js, and React
  • Interest and/or experience contributing to or building tools that enable communities to be more successful
  • Strong communication skills, especially with users. We document everything, most of it publicly.
  • You move fast, have a strong bias to action and you don’t shy away from stepping on toes.

Nice to haves:

  • Past experience working in a growing startup wearing multiple hats
  • A good eye for design

What we offer in return:

Why you should join PostHog

We’re working to increase the number of successful products in the world

We’re a small (but growing) team building an open source platform that empowers customers to create successful products.

Until now, tools for building products have been fragmented. Product analytics, heat maps, session recording and A/B testing all provide immense value, but existing tools weren’t natively built to work together.

PostHog is different by offering these tools (and more) in a single platform that you can host yourself.

We started PostHog as part of Y Combinator's W20 cohort and had the most successful B2B software launch on HackerNews since 2012 - with a product that was just 4 weeks old.

We're proudly backed by some of the world's top investors and believe in product-led growth, where we build something awesome and let our product bring the users, rather than an outbound sales team and regular cold calls.

What does this mean for you? We have a lot of capital, but we're a lean, strong team - so you've got the opportunity to have a huge impact.

Check out if you want to be part of this journey.

Team Size:29
Location:San Francisco
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Tim Glaser
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