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Julian Colina
Julian Colina

About the role

🤩 What is Haystack?

Glad you asked! Haystack helps build elite developer teams by providing engineering metrics and alerts proven to drive performance, improve software reliability and prevent developer burnout.

Through integration with GitHub, Haystack is able to provide live data insights that illustrate the entire delivery process from commit to deploy, being able to highlight bottlenecks like code review and team productivity. Using this feedback loop, Haystack users have increased production deployments by 58% and achieved 70% faster cycle times on average 📈

In less than 12 months since launch, Haystack is being used by more than 7,000 developers at elite developer teams in GoDaddy, Microsoft, The Economist, Indiegogo and Truebill among others as revenues have increased by an average of 36% month on month 🔥

In June 2021, Haystack announced it had secured a US$1.2m funding round after graduating from Y Combinator’s W21 batch.

🦸 Team & Culture

Here are some of our core values to give you a sense of who we are as a team

  • Visibility - default to openness
  • Everything is an experiment - reduce decision fatigue, move quickly
  • Mistakes are okay - we learn, improve, and get better. No mistakes means we're not moving quickly enough
  • Default to action - everyone empowered to make decisions. Don't get blocked
  • Learn quickly - if we're not learning, we're not growing
  • We build a healthy business - burn money, raise money isn't the goal. Money only fuels a great plan

Not convinced yet? Okay, here’s the fun stuff:

  • We’re fully remote. Work from the beautiful beaches of Barcelona or the stunning mountains of South Korea, we’re all good.
  • Flexible working hours. Yeah, it’s truly flexible.
  • Unlimitted vacation time as long as you do your part 🏖

BTW, for this role, you’ll be directly working with:

  • Kan Yilmaz, (our CTO) led a team at Cloudflare with 1% of companies developers generating 10% of the companies revenue. Currently ~5% of iOS applications run his software.

You will be one of the early engineers to be joining our team, helping define the company as it scales rapidly into the future.

🖥 The Role


  • Write code that will impact engineering teams all over the world!
  • Own and deliver product features from end-to-end, from design to deploying it in production.
  • Get to see the impact of your work on our customer base.


  • At least 1 year commercial software development experience.
  • You have previously been responsible for an application from writing the code through to deployment.
  • It is optional, but not required, for you to be able to develop on top of the technologies we currently use (JavaScript, TypeScript, React, PostgreSQL and Docker).
  • Curiosity and passion for learning. Expect your job to change to change every few months. You'll need to be able to keep up with the team.

🛣 Interview Process

  • Initial Questionnaire (10 min)
  • Technical Interview (45 min)
  • CEO Interview (30 min)
  • Offer Letter

How to Apply?

Engineering is a team sport 🏀

If you see yourself being part of our team apply using this form

Why you should join Haystack

We are bringing the competitive advantage data-driven engineering teams like Google have - to everyone else.

Our analytics platform plugs directly into developer tools like Github to provide insights on delivery speeds, bottlenecks, and risks that impact team velocity & developer happiness.

We're trusted by some of the world’s most innovative teams: Microsoft, The Economist, and Indiegogo and backed by Y Combinator, Soma Capital, Funders Club, and strategic angels (Founder @Optimizely, SVP Sales @Amplitude) .

Haystack is a culture of tinkering, learning, testing and iterating. We ship quickly and help our customers do the same. We're led by founded by two technical founders who have experienced this problem first-hand after scaling their startups from 0 to 100m+ users.

Team Size:6
Location:San Francisco
Julian Colina
Julian Colina
Kan Yilmaz
Kan Yilmaz