Members of the Barclays team

Members of the Barclays Capital team

Blythe Masters has consistently been the top fundraiser for Komen’s Race for the Cure.  This article, however, shows how a little good-spirited competition can bring out the best in everyone and, more importantly, raise money for a vital cause.  The story details how Blythe made a challenge to a room full of fundraisers in 2007 to unseat the JP Morgan Chase team as the top fundraising team in the race.   Joseph Gold, Managing Director and Head of Capital & Liquidity Management at Barclays Capital (who is also now a Komen Greater NYC Board member and Audit Committee Chair), took Blythe up on the challenge and raised $90,000 in a week for the Komen Greater NYC Race.  Despite his valiant efforts, however, JP Morgan finished out that year and the next two as the top fundraiser.

This finally changed in 2010 when Barclays Capital raised an astounding $290, 822.27 for the 2010 Komen Greater NYC Race for the Cure, outperforming their nearest rival, JPMorgan Chase by $46,000!

“Four years ago in 2007, I issued a challenge during a luncheon at JPMorgan Chase,” said Blythe Masters, Komen Greater NYC Board Chair and Head of Global Commodities at J.P.Morgan.  “In that room was Joe Gold of Barclays Capital, who took me at my word.  It took Joe and the Barclays team three years to best Chase, but they did it and I congratulate them.”

Who will win the honor this year?  If you would like to make a donation on behalf of Blythe Mastersclick here.

The Top 2010 Fundraising Teams are as follows:

  1. Barclays Capital ($290,822.27)
  2. JPMorgan Chase ($244,724.26)
  3. Goldman Sachs Team ($105,086.86)
  4. The T-Birds ($101,131.37)
  5. The Women’s Syndicate Association – “WSA” ($61,530.11)
  6. Lion Heart ($47,020.00)
  7. PepsiCo ($45,881.00)
  8. Elizabeth Miller’s Home for the Cure Team ($42,400.00)
  9. Continuum Cancer Centers Team ($34,586.13)
  10. NYC Young Professionals Committee ($27,570.00)

The Top 2010 Fundraising Individuals are:

  1. Blythe Masters ($137,600.00)
  2. Theresa Lana ($37,368.00)
  3. Kathleen Wilson ($30,294.11)
  4. Stacy Bash-Polley ($25,000.00)
  5. Kathleen van Rijn ($22,032.00)
  6. Joseph Gold ($21,920.00)
  7. Ilyne Weinstein ($21,050.00)
  8. Martha Beard ($20,450.00)
  9. Ayala Deutsch ($17,282.00)
  10. William Shelton ($16,800.00)

Read the full article here.

If you live in the New York area and would like to participate in the Komen’s 2011 Race for the Cure on the JPMorgan team, click here.